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Nana Churcher Multimedia and Spring-UP Global Network Partner to Provide Mentoring and Career Guidance to Children

Enhancing Opportunities for Children in Orphanages, Struggling and Single-Parent Families to Enroll in Higher Education

Accra, 19TH November 2022: Nana Churcher Multimedia Limited has announced today, that it will partner with Spring-UP Global Network to provide conducive and secure learning environments through the provision of school supplies, career guidance and mentorship, to contribute to the achievement of the fourth goal of the United Nations Sustainable Goal: quality education for all.

The programs sponsored by Nana Churcher Multimedia Limited will focus on the provision of career guidance and mentorship and donation of school supplies to children in selected schools in underserved and hard-to-reach communities in Ghana.

Furthermore, Nana Churcher Multimedia will support SUGN’s annual Literacy Festival including awarding excelling students and supporting selected children on Field Trips, as well as donating gifts to children during an annual Christmas party.

During the partnership launch, Nana Churcher mentioned, “Mentoring supports children achieve more success and we are very happy to come on board as donors and sponsors with Spring-UP Global Network to create a future of unending opportunities for several children across Africa, through providing school supplies, in addition to identifying, grooming and managing juvenile talents in acting in schools, orphanages, and struggling and single-parent families”.

Akorfa Ama Akoto, Founder and President of Spring-UP Global Network, said “SUGN is re-imagining education by providing conducive learning environments to children in deprived communities. This partnership will give us the springboard to create brighter opportunities for many more children in underserved communities in Ghana. SUGN’s expertise and track record in providing conducive and secure learning environments complements Nana Churcher Multimedia’s vision of making quality education accessible to all children while identifying, grooming and managing juvenile talents in acting across Africa.

According to a research by Child Trends, “all children need caring adults in their lives and mentoring programs can be effective tools for enhancing the positive development of youth. Consequently, mentored youth are likely to have fewer absences from school, better attitudes towards school, better chance of going on to higher education and improve young person’s perception of their worth.”

With the limited number of positive role models for children especially for at-risk children, children from poor, struggling and often single-parent families, there is an urgent need for the involvement of caring and concerned tertiary students and business professionals to provide support, mentoring and career guidance to children, thereby helping children to become successful adults.


The Spring-UP Global Network (SUGN), a youth-led not-for-profit is a network of tertiary students and business professionals working to nurture the reading and writing skills of children in addition to the provision of mentoring and career guidance to create a brighter future for children in orphanages and hard-to-reach schools in Ghana. Visit SUGN’s website to learn more about SUGN and its impact story:


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