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Lucy: Illuminating the WORLD

Our work of advancing quality basic education in rural communities in Ghana through mentorship rests heavily on the shoulders of our dedicated youth mentors (volunteers). On the occasion of National Volunteers Day, we deem it fit to reveal one of the faces and forces behind the good works we are doing.

“My love for people comes from having a big family”

Lucy Christiana Agyeman works professionally as an Administrative Assistant at Tot To Teen School in Madina. She doubles as a Trainer and Advocacy Champion with The Ghana Girl Guides Association and a Girl Led Advocacy Team Member with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) where she says “our aim is to help girls take the lead in leadership roles and in the world”. About her personal interests she says “I love travelling and taking photos. I am a crazy sports lover and my team is Chelsea, ‘The Blues’”. “And oh! I love people. I think this comes naturally because I have a very big family with lots of siblings” she quickly adds.


Lucy has always believed that the people you spend your time with have the biggest influence on your life. For that matter, she is committed to bringing a positive experience into the lives of all the people she comes into contact with. This is the main reason why she volunteers and she adds that volunteering makes her feel valued and connected to millions of other people around the world. She has always yearned to give more of herself to the world and was always looking for opportunities to do so.

Asked how she got to join SUGN, she says “Ewoenam posted a link on the Girl Guide whatsApp group. I opened it and it led me to this amazing group of people”. With her desire to volunteer came the opportunity and Girl Guide served as the link to the next opportunity.

“Volunteering has never been about what I will gain”

“Volunteering brings a lot of benefits to the volunteer but I love my volunteering experience with the Spring Up Global Network for the benefits that we are bringing to these rural communities, orphanages and the children we mentor. For me, that warms my heart because volunteering has never been about what I will gain” she says. For Lucy, volunteering is not just about dedicating time to teach basic school children skills like reading, writing, artwork, sewing, décor among others. It’s also about dedicating resources in the form of library books, textbooks, exercise books and other learning materials as well as cash to support the building of libraries around the country. Lucy believes that when she is busy, she can still do volunteer work by giving the little token she has or raising money to support volunteer projects.

“Illuminating the world”

Because of the good works of people like Lucy, The Spring Up Global Network, on Friday 5th February, 2021, commissioned its first refurbished library at the Yevi D/A Basic School in the Volta region of Ghana. This library was stocked with over 400 books meant to serve the school population of about 300 students. Exercise books and facemasks were also donated during the commissioning of this library.

For her diverse contributions to promoting quality education in orphanages and underprivileged schools and to raising a new generation of readers and leaders, today we carry you shoulder high and we say;

“Ayekoo Lucy” (From all of us at Spring Up Global Network).

To all who have never dared to volunteer, Lucy says, “Volunteers are love and light in motion! So be a part of the love. Give love and illuminate the world”

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  1. Gideon Myron

    Ayekoo Lucy. Real people are rare to find. Glad SUGN found you.

  2. Gideon Wortey Narh

    Thank you Lucy for making the world a better place for all. Keep up the good work. Much love and respect to you dear

  3. Bene Makafui

    Ayekoo Lucy

  4. Genevieve

    Well done Lucy,
    For making the world a much better place for others.

  5. Vicentia Kugbadzi

    Thank you for your great work to make the world a better place for all.

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